Who is the Manufacturing Careers Council?

Team Goal and Objective Develop program to integrate MSSC into High Schools Career Technology Education programs, looking at ACT Work Keys as an assessment tool and providing dual credit opportunities.
Members and Affiliation Mr. Ed Hedeen
Voltronics, Inc.
Ms. Susan Jania Diamond Envelope
  Ms. Peggy Peach District 94
  Mr. Harrison Schneider Kane County Educational Office
Team Goal and Objective Begin implementation with additional community colleges, building on success of pilot program with College of DuPage.
Members and Affiliation Mr. Jeff Boyd
Elgin Community College
Mr. Juan Salgado Instituto Del Progreso Latino
Ms. Whitney Smith Joyce Foundation
Ms. Christine Sobek Waubonsee Community College
Team Goal and Objective Help local manufacturing companies blend into their hiring and training processes. Assist with "returning to learning" programs fro incumbent workers.
Members and Affiliation Ms. Mary Ann Cervinka
Arrow Gear Company
Mr. Andrew Davis Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Ms. Janice Christiansen J.C. Schulotz Enterprises, Inc./FlagSource
Ms. Meryl Sussman College of DuPage
Team Goal and Objective Join together locally to get a marketing message for manufacturing through local communication channels.
Members and Affiliation Ms. Karen Craven
America's Edge
Mr. Andrew Faville Falex Corporation
Ms. Mary Beth Marshall DuPage Workforce Board
Ms. Cindy Tomei Valley Industrial Association
Mr. Scott Smith Quad City Urban League