Value of the MSSC

Modern manufacturing requires 21st century skills. The MSSC’s vision is to equip America’s workforce with the high-performance knowledge and skills necessary to boost the productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. Our goal is to train, assess, & credential forty percent of the nation’s production workforce over the next ten years.

Value Proposition: Industry

  • Meets company needs for workers with the right core skills and knowledge to keep pace with technological change
  • These include math, science, reading, writing, communications, IT, analysis, problem-solving, teamwork, organization, planning, and basic technical skills--all in a manufacturing context.
  • Increases productivity and innovation through reinforcement of these core knowledge and skill sets
  • Decreases recruitment costs by providing job candidates with industry-recognized credentials
  • Recognizes that “learning is becoming an increasingly important function for companies to develop skills needed to sustain competitive advantage, increase efficiencies, and improve business results” (ASTD/IBM Study, Oct. 05)
  • Provides a diagnostic tool to enable employers to benchmark their workers against high-performance national standards and identify skill gaps skills
  • Increases ROI for training by targeting skill enhancement to those skill gaps
  • Serves to attract, motivate, and retain qualified employees

Value Proposition: Workers

  • Offers the only national, industry recognized foundational skill certifications for production workers
  • Improves career advancement opportunities and earnings by obtaining high-performance skills through MSSC training
  • Improves job security through certification of proven skill sets
  • Provides nationally portable credentials offering flexibility to work successfully in all manufacturing sectors and all production occupations

Value Proposition: Education

  • Increases industry client base and student enrollment through MSSC network and nationally recognized certification-based training.
  • Increases student enrollment through on-demand e-learning solutions
  • Provides fully developed courses for immediate implementation
  • Offers high-quality courses with proven results
  • Provides teacher certification to increase skills and opportunities for instruction
  • Enables schools to offer certifications as well as degrees

Value Proposition: State Government

  • Attracts advanced manufacturing company investment through the attraction of a large pool of certified production workers
  • Broadens the variety of manufacturing industries that a state can attract through the availability of certified workers with the core knowledge and skills applicable to all industry sectors and all production occupations
  • Enables dislocated workers from one industry sector to acquire the credentials to shift readily to other industry sectors
  • This helps reduce the effect of a downturn in one sector by preparing workers to perform well in other sectors