What is Manufacturing?

Most things you see, feel, touch, hear, and even smell are the result of manufacturing.The simple pleasures of sitting on the couch, watching television and enjoying a bowl of popcorn are all brought to you courtesy of the world of manufacturing.

A furniture manufacturer made the couch. An electronics manufacturer made the television. A food products manufacturer made the popcorn. A housewares manufacturer made the bowl. And literally tens of thousands of other manufacturers made the materials and tools that were used to construct your home, its furnishings, appliances, and most of what fills your home and makes your life comfortable. When you want to go somewhere, the car or bus in which you travel was made by a manufacturer who put together components made by thousands of other manufacturers. Manufacturing is the engine that drives most of what we are able to do and unless we go back to the stone age manufacturing will continue to enrich our lives and support our livelihood.

Just as technology has developed to enrich our lives, manufacturing technology has also grown. Today's modern manufacturing facilities, with investment and emphasis on precision, repeatability and cleanliness, bear little resemblance to those of decades past. Manufacturers have made tremendous investments in clean, modern well-equipped facilities that employ the latest in computerized numerically controlled machinery and equipment. Skilled manufacturing jobs are growing and with them opportunities for a more highly skilled workforce that benefits from a very rewarding compensation and benefits package. Teamwork is an essential skill in today's manufacturing environment, which welcomes problem solving skills and encourages and recognizes creative thinking that drives continuous improvement.

By developing ones skills, the exciting opportunity exists to work with the most advanced technologies in a clean, comfortable, friendly team environment and receive the high level of earnings and benefits with the commensurate high skills required. Today, more than ever, manufacturing offers the opportunity to fulfill the American dream.