What is the Manufacturing Careers Council?

In 2007, we began collaborative discussions about the need to create a program that would provide individuals with the Core Skill Sets that manufacturing companies needed for entry level positions. As a result of our efforts, the Manufacturing Skills Standard Certificate is now actively being delivered through College of DuPage. It is a nationally recognized certification that enables adults to acquire the core skills required by manufacturers and prepare adults for the many opportunities available in attractive manufacturing careers.

In our quest to maintain sustainability for this and related programs, we need to join together to promote awareness of manufacturing, education, and solutions to the challenges of finding skilled workers. As business leaders, we understand the importance of identifying our opportunities and establishing partnerships for solutions. So we would like to invite you to join us and be part of our newly formed "Manufacturing Careers Council."

Our objective:

  • To form a Manufacturing Careers Council to engage business leaders, manufacturing associations, public officials and educators to contribute to Illinois manufacturing competitiveness and longevity.
  • To influence Educational providers on the requirements of manufacturers and what they need in programs, skills and deliverables from high schools, colleges and stand alone programs.
  • To understand the roles of Workforce Investment Agencies in the surrounding communities and how we can engage on training grants and programs that can benefit the needs of adult workers and manufacturing companies.

Through the Manufacturing Careers Council we can expand and accelerate what we’ve put in place. We’d like you to join us in developing a long term plan establishing a path to the necessary linkages and expertise of those who can contribute towards the future of manufacturing and the next generation of an Illinois Skilled workforce.